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60 gameboard

On the backboard of your machine, there are two buttons: a red and a black one.

The red button is used to go into the settings menu- here you can erase high scores, change the difficulties, lives, extra lives, speed, etc. of the games by moving your joystick and pressing the first of the 3 buttons on your right hand side.

To go into the settings, you must turn on your machine and hold the red button at the same time until blue text pops up on the screen.

To go to the next page, press the red button. To go to the previous page, press the black button.

When you are done making all your changes, you must press and hold the first player button until the screen says the settings have been saved. The last screen you can save your settings on is the volume adjustment page. 

The volume screen allows you to adjust the volume of your machine- however, there is a volume knob that functions for the same purpose.

The last screen in the settings menu will be the I/O test menu, where you can test if your joysticks and buttons are functioning properly. Take note before you press anything that all the text on the screen is blue- if any of it is red before you test your buttons or joystick, then that part is malfunctioning.

The black button is used to go directly to the I/O test menu.

To play a game, press 1st the player button, then use the joystick to scroll through the pages and pick your game. Once you've found a game you want to play, press either the 1st or 2nd player button (depending on the amount of players you want). The screen may prompt you to press the player button again, press the same one you pressed in the previous step.