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Selecting a game: Scroll through the game pages by moving the first player joystick up and down. You can also scroll through entire pages by moving the joystick left and right. Once you've found a game you want to play, press the first player’s A button. Once the game has loaded, press the 1st or 2nd player button to choose how many players you want and enter the game. Some games may prompt you to press different buttons, which will be displayed on screen. 

Pausing/Exiting Games: To pause or exit the game, hold the first player button down for 3 seconds to bring up the pause menu. Here you can exit the game, and save and load save states. Saving a state will allow you to return to the moment you paused the game by picking the load function. You can only have one save state at a time.

Search Function: Pressing the first player button in the main menu will take you to the recent and quick search screens. Here you can look for games you've recently played and search for specific games. You can search for games via game title, as well as by emulator, genre, and alphabetical order.