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Pandora's Box DX - Adding Custom Games via USB

Step 1. Plugging in your USB drive

First, plug your external USB stick into your PC and locate it by opening file explorer and clicking on "This PC." It should be under "Devices and drives."

Step 2. Formatting your USB drive

Right click your USB drive and click "Format..."

Then check the box that says "Quick Format" under "Format options", and select "FAT32" from the scroll down menu under "File System". You must format the USB to FAT32 or your added games will not appear.


Step 3. Creating folders for your games

After successfully formatting your USB drive, double click it. Pandora's Box DX uses specific folders and supports specific file formats, listed below: You can copy the folders directly from the SD card onto your USB and drop games into the folders. Otherwise you will have to create these folders on the USB manually by double clicking your USB drive. To manually add these folders, right click while in your USB drive and select "New > Folder" from the drop down menu.

Pandora's Box DX uses specific folders to find added games, listed below:

  • Sony Playstation: roms_playstation
  • MAME2003 – MAME 0.78: roms_mame2003
  • FBA2012 – FB Alpha v0.2.97.30 ROM set: roms_fba2012
  • Sega Megadrive/Genesis: roms_md
  • Nintendo Famicom/NES: roms_fc
  • Nintendo Super Famicom/SNES: roms_sfc

You must name these new folders accordingly, depending on what games you want to add. Once you have created all the folders, it should look like this:

Step 6. Adding games!

There are many websites that have ROMs of games available for download. For this tutorial, we will be using https://www.romsgames.net/. Browse the website of your choosing, pick your favorite game and download it.

After the file successfully downloads, click on "File Explorer" and navigate to your "Downloads" folder. Right click on the newly downloaded file and select "Cut".


Navigate back to your USB drive, right click and select "Paste" to put this file into the appropriate folder. For this game, we will be placing it in the roms_fc folder, as it is a Nintendo Famicom/NES game.

You will have to rename the ROM by right clicking it and selecting "Rename". Every word should be separated with a -, no spaces.

To check the file name extensions, you will need to install WinRAR. Pick the latest version and follow the installation instructions. Right click the ROM and open it with WinRAR. If the extension name is not correct, right click the ROM in WinRAR and click "Rename" from the menu.

 Make sure that the extensions for file names are in all lowercase (i.e. Zelda-The-Legend-of-Zelda.nes, not Zelda-The-Legend-of-Zelda.NES). The correct file extension names are listed below:

  • Sony Playstation: bin/.cue/.img/.mdf/.pbp/.toc/.cbn
  • MAME2003 – MAME 0.78: .zip
  • FBA2012 – FB Alpha v0.2.97.30 ROM set: .zip
  • Sega Megadrive/Genesis: .smd/.zip
  • Nintendo Famicom/NES: .nes/.zip
  • Nintendo Super Famicom/SNES: .sfc/.zip

After you ensure that all files are correctly named and in their proper folders, you can remove your USB from your computer and plug it into the Pandora's Box DX's main board. Happy gaming!