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Galaxian Bartop Arcade Machine
Galaxian Bartop Arcade Machine
Galaxian Bartop Arcade Machine

Galaxian Bartop Arcade Machine

    Dimensions: Height: 27" Width: 16.75" Depth: 17"
    Monitor Size: 19 Inches
    Weight: 42 lbs.
    Light-up Marquee: Yes
    LED Buttons: No
    Game Board: Blee Classical Arcade 60 in 1 (60), Pandora Box King of Air 2 (516)
    Speakers: Yes, comes with adjustable volume knob

    Are you looking to add some excitement to your mancave or Airbnb? Our custom-made bartop units are the perfect solution! With a design based on the 1979 arcade classic, the Galaxian Bartop Arcade Machine is a retro blast from the past and an incredible addition to any family game room or mancave. Our custom-made arcade machines are fully assembled, just plug in and play!
    From Galaxian to Ms. Pac-Man, Burger Time, Dig Dug and many more, there are plenty of recognizable arcade classics in our game lineup. This machine comes with your choice of 60 or 516 games. Both game boards are easy to use, with the 516 version allowing you to search for and save your favorite games. Share the experience with another gamer and play with 2 players!

    Whether you're buying the Galaxian Bartop Arcade Machine as a gift for a loved one or yourself, Quarterless guarantees it will conjure nostalgia across generations.

    • Ability to set the difficulty and lives for each game individually
    • Saving favorite games and removing games (516)
    • Save highscores
    • Search for games by console, genre or title (516)
    • Custom button assignment support (516)
    • Ability to save and load progress via the save state/load state feature (516)
    Every Quarterless arcade unit comes with a 2 year parts warranty- meaning that 2 years after your unit ships, Quarterless will offer replacement parts for any malfunctioning parts as well as helping walk you through the repair process at no additional cost. Longer warranty plans are also available for purchase.

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    Absolutely beautiful cab! Looks even better in person! Works great! Very packaging. Great service!