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JAMMA Wiring Harness
JAMMA Wiring Harness
JAMMA Wiring Harness
JAMMA Wiring Harness
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JAMMA Wiring Harness

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    Jamma Wire Harness with 56 pin connector. Used on many arcade boards to simplify conversion of game cabinets, comes with color-coded connections for, 2 players, power, coin doors, test, service, video, and sound.

    • Wire Size: Pins 1 to 6 > 18 gauge wire all other are 22 gauge wire.
    • Edge connector includes -5Volts (as well as all other voltages)
    • Button 4 is also connected into the harness
    • Both ground connections are wired into the harness (pins 1+2+28)
    • All pins on edge connector are protected by heat shrink
    • All end connectors are designed for quick connection and protected by plastic sleeves
    • Easy to follow plugs and connections for your monitor, speakers, power supply, and coin meter.
    • Used for all game boards that use the standard Jamma wiring.